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Nomination agli Houston Film Critics, Phoenix Film Critics e Satellite Awards per Kate Winslet - Tutte le nominations di Steve Jobs

Kate Winslet è candidata come miglior attrice non protagonista per Steve Jobs agli Houston Film Critics, Phoenix Film Critics e Satellite Awards!


Nominations Golden Globes, 2016

Miglior attore protagonista - Dramma  Michael Fassbender 
Miglior attrice non protagonista Kate Winslet 
Miglior sceneggiatura Aaron Sorkin 
Miglior colonna sonora Daniel Pemberton 

Nominations Screen Actors Guild Awards 2016

Miglior attore protagonista Michael Fassbender 
Miglior attrice non protagonista Kate Winslet 

Nominations Satellite Awards 2015

Miglior attore protagonista Michael Fassbender 
Miglior attrice non protagonista Kate Winslet 
Miglior sceneggiatura non originale Aaron Sorkin 
Miglior montaggio Elliot Graham 

Nominations Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards 2015

Miglior attore protagonista Michael Fassbender 
Miglior attrice non protagonista Kate Winslet 
Miglior cast
Miglior sceneggiatura non originale Aaron Sorkin 
Miglior montaggio Elliot Graham 

Nominations Houston Film Critics 2015

Miglior Film
Miglior attore protagonista Michael Fassbender 
Miglior attrice non protagonista Kate Winslet 
Miglior sceneggiatura Aaron Sorkin 
Miglior colonna sonora Daniel Pemberton 

Nomination Phoenix Film Critics 2015

Miglior attore protagonista Michael Fassbender 
Miglior attrice non protagonista Kate Winslet 
Miglior sceneggiatura Aaron Sorkin 

Nomination Detroit Film Critics Society

Miglior attore protagonista Michael Fassbender 

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Kate Winslet candidata ai Golden Globe per Steve Jobs!

Congratulazioni a Kate Winslet per la nomination come miglior attrice non protagonista ai Golden Globe per Steve Jobs!

Miglior film (drammatico)
Il caso Spotlight
The Revenant – Redivivo
Mad Max: Fury Road

Miglior film (commedia o musical)
La grande scommessa
Sopravvissuto – The Martian
Un disastro di ragazza

Migliore attrice protagonista (in un film drammatico)
Cate Blanchett – Carol
Brie Larson - Room
Rooney Mara – Carol
Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn
Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl

Migliore attore protagonista (in un film drammatico)
Bryan Cranston - L’ultima parola – La vera storia di Donald Trumbo
Leonardo DiCaprio – Revenant – Redivivo
Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs
Eddie Redmayne – The Danish Girl
Will Smith – Zona d’ombra

Miglior attore non protagonista 
Michael Shannon, 99 Homes
Mark Ruffalo, Il caso Spotlight
Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies
Sylvester Stallone, Creed
Idris Elba, Beasts of No Nation

Miglior attrice non protagonista 
Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight
Helen Mirren, L’ultima parola – La vera storia di Dalton Trumbo
Kate Winslet, Steve Jobs
Alicia Vikander, Ex-Machina
Jane Fonda, Youth – La giovinezza

Kate Winslet miglior attrice protagonista agli AACTA Awards: il video

The Dressmaker ha ottenuto 5 premi su 12 nomination agli Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards! Incluso il premio del pubblico.
Kate Winslet ha vinto come miglior attrice protagonista: non era presente ma ha inviato un video:

Ecco tutti i premi:

Best Film: Mad Max: Fury Road
People's Choice Award: The Dressmaker
Best Direction: George Miller, Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Lead Actor: Michael Caton, Last Cab to Darwin
Best Lead Actress: Kate Winslet, The Dressmaker
Best Supporting Actor: Hugo Weaving, The Dressmaker
Best Supporting Actress: Judy Davis, The Dressmaker
Best Original Screenplay: Robert Connolly and Steve Worland, Paper Planes
Best Adapted Screenplay: Reg Cribb and Jeremy Sims, Last Cab to Darwin
Best Documentary Feature: That Sugar Film
Best Cinematography: John Seale, Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Editing:
 Margaret Sixel, Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Costume Design: Marion Boyce and Margot Wilson, The DressmakerBest Production Design: Colin Gibson, Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Original Music Score: Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL, Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Sound: Ben Osmo, David White, Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff, Scott Hecker, Wayne Pashley and Mark Mangini, Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Visual Effects or Animation: Andrew Jackson, Holly Radcliffe, Dan Oliver, Andy Williams, Tom Wood and Fiona Crawford, Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Short Animation: Ernie Biscuit, Adam Elliot
Best Short Fiction Film:
 Nulla Nulla, Dylan River and Tanith Glynn-Maloney
Best Direction in a Documentary: Bill Guttentag and Michael Ware, Only the Dead
Best Editing in a Documentary: Jane Moran, Only the Dead
Best Original Music Score in a Documentary: Antony Partos, Sherpa

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Kate Winslet candidata ai Sag per Steve Jobs

Congratulazioni a Kate Winslet per la sua nona candidatura agli Screen Actors Guild come miglior attrice non protagonista per Steve Jobs!

Kate ha detto: “This makes me very very happy. I am truly thrilled and grateful to be nominated for a SAG award this year. This really means a lot to me.”

Full list of nominations:
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
BRYAN CRANSTON / Dalton Trumbo – “TRUMBO” (Bleecker Street)
JOHNNY DEPP / James “Whitey” Bulger – “BLACK MASS” (Warner Bros. Pictures)
LEONARDO DiCAPRIO / Hugh Glass – “THE REVENANT” (20th Century Fox)
MICHAEL FASSBENDER / Steve Jobs – “STEVE JOBS” (Universal Pictures)
EDDIE REDMAYNE / Einar Wegener/Lili Elbe – “THE DANISH GIRL” (Focus Features)
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role
CATE BLANCHETT / Carol Aird – “CAROL” (The Weinstein Company)
HELEN MIRREN / Maria Altmann – “WOMAN IN GOLD” (The Weinstein Company)
SAOIRSE RONAN / Eilis – “BROOKLYN” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
SARAH SILVERMAN / Laney Brooks – “I SMILE BACK” (Broad Green Pictures)
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role
CHRISTIAN BALE / Michael Burry – “THE BIG SHORT” (Paramount Pictures)
IDRIS ELBA / Commandant – “BEASTS OF NO NATION” (Netflix)
MARK RYLANCE / Abel Rudolph – “BRIDGE OF SPIES” (DreamWorks)
MICHAEL SHANNON / Rick Carver – “99 HOMES” (Broad Green Pictures)
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role
ROONEY MARA / Therese Belivet – “CAROL” (The Weinstein Company)
RACHEL McADAMS / Sacha Pfeiffer – “SPOTLIGHT” (Open Road Films)
HELEN MIRREN / Hedda Hopper – “TRUMBO” (Bleecker Street)
ALICIA VIKANDER / Gerda Wegener – “THE DANISH GIRL” (Focus Features)
KATE WINSLET / Joanna Hoffman – “STEVE JOBS” (Universal Pictures)

Intervista a Kate Winslet: Bafta, Life in pictures

Qui potete ascoltare l'intervista per interno della serata Bafta del 4/12 dedicata a Kate Winslet, a Life in pictures:

file audio:

Kate parla di Creature del cielo, Ragione & Sentimento, Titanic, Holy Smoke, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Revolutionary Road, The Reader, Steve Jobs e The Dressmaker.

Articolo sulla serata:


Acting Advice

"So much of acting is confidence, and sometimes you have to trick yourself into feeling confident."

Choosing Roles

"I always want to be terrified and surprised by a role. I want to be challenged by it."

Working with DiCaprio

"What Leonardo DiCaprio and I experienced with Titanic was pretty identical and we were really there for each other."

On Her Favourite Performance

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The Dressmaker: recensioni e tante foto del film e dal set!

Foto dal film The Dressmaker, con Kate Winslet:


Intervista video: Kate Winslet e Saoirse Ronan in Variety Actors on Actors (foto di Mia in Le Regole del Caos)

Variety Actors on Actors: qui l'intervista tra Kate Winslet e Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet each won acclaim as teenagers. Ronan was 13 when she earned an Oscar nom for “Atonement,” while Winslet was 17 when she burst onto the scene in Peter Jackson’s “Heavenly Creatures.” In their new films, both use accents that are not their own. Ronan headlines “Brooklyn,” playing an Irish girl who immigrates to New York in the 1950s. Winslet disappears behind a wig, glasses and a Polish accent for “Steve Jobs” to portray Joanna Hoffman, a friend and adviser to the Apple founder.
Kate Winslet: Playing Joanna Hoffman was an experience that I really wanted to have. It’s a wonderful thing to be 40 years old, which I am now, and all of that stuff that you sort of bother about in your 20s and early 30s just kind of evaporates. And actually, all you want, really and truly, is to work with lovely people and to be challenged as much as possible.
Actors on Actors Variety Cover
Saoirse Ronan: What’s the stuff that evaporates?
Winslet: The stuff that evaporates is: “What do I look like? What do you people think?” That just literally goes away. And I think that also has to do with having children. Playing Joanna was something so different to me; unlike you in “Brooklyn,” I don’t know anyone like this person. It was absolutely playing a role.

Codice 999: trailer italiano

Coming Soon ha in esclusiva il trailer italiano del thriller con Kate Winslet, Codice 999:

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Kate Winslet narra il documentario Snow Chick

Kate Winslet narra il documentario Snow Chick per la Bcc One (sarà trasmesso il 23 Dicembre), incentrato sui pinguini.

Midwinter in the Antarctic, and after months of blizzards and temperatures of -60°C, male emperor penguins are watching and waiting for their chicks to hatch. Snow Chick is the last to emerge into this harsh, frozen world.
Narrated by Kate Winslet, The Snow Chick takes an intimate look at this tiny chick’s first precarious months on the ice, growing up in the world’s most extreme nursery. Emperor penguins are the only animals to breed in the Antarctic winter.
“This has to be one of nature’s most incredible stories, and one huge adventure for such a tiny creature,” said John Downer, Director of this natural history special.
Snow Chick is ‘elbowed’ out of the baby gang, ventures too far for comfort, hides from chick-snatching penguins and avoids a scavenging petrel by the fluff of his back – all while slipping and skating on treacherous ice. Finally, he gets tossed unceremoniously into the open ocean – his new home for the next three years.

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Kate Winslet in Edicola: FilmTv, Vogue, Vogue l'Uomo

Correte in edicola: Kate è in copertina su Film Tv e con due eccezionali servizi fotografici di Peter Lindberg su Vogue Italia e Vogue l'Uomo!

Video dietro le quinte del servizio per Vogue Italy: 

Interviste e Video Kate Winslet: Lancome, Vogue, Steve Jobs, The Dressmaker

Interview de Kate Winslet au Printemps
A parigi per Printemps

Peter Lindbergh | Vogue Italia | Kate Winslet
Dietro le quinte del servizio per Vogue

Winslet's Daughter Jealous Over Co-star
La figlia di Kate gelosa di Liam, The Dressmaker

Winslet's Newfound Skills
Intervista The Dressmaker

Interviste per Steve Jobs


Spot Lancome di Kate Winslet per la Cina

Spot Lancome di Kate Winslet per la Cina

Dietro le quinte dello spot Lancome per la Cina:

Intervista su Magazine Portogallo

Intervista sulla rivista Magazine 

Noticias Magazine Portugal - November 8, 2015

Exclusively in Portugal, a conversation with one of the best actresses in the world.

The general public knew it with the voluptuous Rose in Titanic and this was his big jump. English, grew up in Berkshire, and at age 11 was already doing theater in school. The BBC, debuted in a children's science fiction series, Dark Season. Exclusively in Portugal, a conversation with actress normal curves, age 40, refused Photoshop in their advertising campaigns. The return of Steve Jobs, in a cardboard that can come to give him another Oscar.

The Corinthia Hotel in London, pertussis five stars of the English capital, chokes with both luxury. Salvation is brought by the words of Kate Winslet, breaking the ice guaranteeing that has a gift: Always know if talked to this or that journalist. Decorates faces, professional fault, she says. A defect that plays in our favor. Do you remember the face but not the name. I do not trip, however. "But of course we always know if I've ever been to this or that journalist, duhh." Indignation is scheduled. It is beautiful, with black pants that accentuate her normal forms, a luminous face, unvarnished, by the way, with little make-up. For these and others, besides being one of the best actresses in the world, Kate is also one of the most beloved by the public. They are different things: it could be bitchy and a talent of this world. But no, it's a talent of this world and accessible. Those that say it all. So maybe no more than pure rumor that someone hears in the corridor of the organization gave a slap on the wrist to a journalist who asked him how he felt after 40.

The reason for this interview round is a new film, about to reach the rooms. Make no mistake, Kate just gets in because you want to talk about Steve Jobs, the film about the man from Apple. But in her case, to speak of a work is also talk about themselves and their art as an actress. This movie is anything but what Jobs, movie unauthorized by the heirs, which debuted in 2013, with Ashton Kutcher, wanted to be. This new Steve Jobs, directed by Danny Boyle, director of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire and written by Aaron Sorkin (series creator as Newsroom and The West Wing), is not a biography, but rather a kind of theater filmed on Jobs and moments that have defined, very theatrical performances of their creations, Macintosh to iMac.

Winslet is Joanna Hoffman, officially the head of marketing at Apple, and the woman who took care of him and what he was doing - see it force him to admit paternity of her daughter. The film is divided into acts in the theater. In the provocation that many other actresses wanted this role that smells like Oscar, Kate responds with varminty: "Bad luck! I got the role! "A role that allowed him to stay with another idea who Steve Jobs. "By Joanna Hoffman I realized that someone was complicated, but a man with a huge ability to be welcoming. I realized I could be a good friend, someone extremely loyal. Joanna loved it. And barely seen the film wrote to me to say how much he liked. He asked me also to convey to the team that was wonderful to see Michael Fassbender to bring warmth to the character she recognized. It is the first time people will see the warm side of Steve Jobs soul. It is interesting that our film never wanted to be realistic, never wanted to say this was what happened. Aaron Sorkin has said that this is not a photograph of Steve Jobs, and another painting. "

Interpretation of Kate Winslet is already in the list of favorites for the Oscar for best supporting actress. It is an interpretation of charisma, strength and vigor. A strong year for Kate, who is also ready to leave The Milliner (in December), Jocelyn Moorhouse, it is an Australian seamstress with desire for revenge. The film is already guaranteed to Portugal. At one point in the conversation, talks about his passion for acting, as present in this Steve Jobs. "Halt!" She says, "my pleasure to represent never changed." We were in order.

The public knows it from the wonderful friendship without limits, Peter Jackson, 1994. Okay, Kate Winslet is the reference actress of a generation that was marked by Titanic, 1997 transformed, with Leonardo DiCaprio in immortal idol. The James Cameron film earned him his first nomination for an Oscar, and after that, five more times was named, won The Reader, Stephen Daldry, a film that in 2008 gave him the statuette for best actress. Steve Jobs can then reach the second Oscar, this time as a secondary. Win or not, now is Kate's return time, acabadinha to do 40 years, three times mother of children from three different fathers: Mia, Jim Threapleton, Joe, Sam Mendes, and the Bear, Ned Rocknroll .

All this fuss comes after a series of less successful roles, leading many to think that the actress was going through a gentrification phase or something - their benefits in Explicit Comedy - Movie 43 and in the film series The Divergent Series managed anyone notice her eyes with film. Close to 40, it seemed that suddenly ceased to have papers to match. Curiously or not, he spoke up from her curves, as if Hollywood deplored that one of its biggest stars was not as thin as the rules dictate. Somehow, Kate Winslet represented a sexual and sensual affirmation of women who do not suffer from extreme thinness. Since the young plump Titanic, slimmed down enough, aged as much. But remained a sensual diva. And in this sense it has become a symbol.

The experience also brought other advantages. "What's funny to me and this character is that both say what comes to mind. Seriously, if I'm with a man who is frustrated or something, always end by asking whether it is with the period. There is, has to do with my confidence, "she says. He became perfectionist? "Anything. Am is stubborn. And I like to do my best what we throw myself ... It has nothing to do with perfectionism, nothing at all. It has everything to do with the experience and the time you take it. "

And how do the actors play with your confidence? "But of course I play with my vulnerability issues. For example, here, on the first day, when all the actors were on a table to make the reading of the argument, I was panicking. These situations are horrible, embarrassing, all open copies of the scripts and is the first time that we will be judged. It was then the first time I heard my accent of the character. I thought I would hate, that was going to be fired. I think we all feel vulnerable at these times. And, yes, I am also nervous. What I do is try to turn it into an experience. I try everything and it does not matter if sometimes get sucks. An actor in such cases have to shoot head, even at the risk of sounding stupid. It is important sometimes we seem stupid. "

And the fear of failure is also rentabilizável for talent? "To fail or not fail does not bother me. I confess that I never think about it. I think I'm not afraid to fail. What I always give my best. It is different from not wanting to fail. I think until I have no fears. An actor can not work with fear. Also I never think in terms of being the best. The other day my daughter had a note in homework and was upset at not being the best. I told him I could not be. She had an excellent note, but wanted even more. I got to her feet and told him that this kind of competition made no sense. The important thing is to take pleasure from what we do and have the notion that we did our best. Seriously, we can only propose to give our best. This is one of my mottos in life. "

In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Kate Winslet surprised many people by the way they appeared in photographic production that was a cover story - photos in underwear with fierce sensuality, and a speech that was from the very rear praise to the statement of tough challenge is reconciling work and family demands. Eloquent was the interruption of the interview to discuss the lunch youngest son, Bear, wedding with Ned Rocknroll, nephew of the famous entrepreneur Richard Branson.

What actress was trying to say is that the public wants to be the example that mothers can, after all, have it all: career, children and explore the sensuality without prejudice. For Winslet, nudity and sex scenes were never taboo. Holy Smoke (1999), Jane Campion, is perhaps one of the most liberating erotic experiences with feminist bent that Hollywood has ever seen. Also in Jude (1996), Michael Winterbottom, shocked the more conservative public. Basically, the actress is someone who is not afraid of confrontations. A movie theater, in interviews or in life.

Their interpretation of Joanna Hoffman in the movie that is coming, will be marked by the accent. The character of Polish and Armenian origin, had a denser foreign accent, the decision to soften was the actress. Did you think of the public. Interestingly, Kate, English, has ended up making roles of foreign women. Then, in The Seamstress, it is an Australian yolk. "Gem" means the province and includes thick accent. Also just finished filming Triple 9, John Hillcoat, that will be an off-the-law of Israeli and Russian origin. And that reminds it's so good to make English (Sense and Sensibility, for example) and German (The Reader, the film that gave him the Oscar).

What to expect now? A glorious walk through the awards season? For already proud. The Macintosh own marketing former director gave him congratulations. "Mal took this project, I realized that it would enter the film that all people I know will want to see. Because it's about a figure so strong and full of stories. Someone so well known but causes much curiosity and intrigue ... Then there is also the one legion of taradinhos technology that take it as an idol. For them, Jobs was like a rock god. That's why the Danny Boyle film those product launches as rock concerts. Now even saw the launch of the new iPhone ... people behave as if they were at a concert ... "

The film, however, has faced resistance, Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, and Jobs's own widow, Laurene. "It is true that they are not very excited about the film. I confirm that I want to come to Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role instead of our Michael Fassbender. What I know is that Laurene had problems with Walter Isaacson's biography when it was launched, which does not surprise me. Come on, it's natural ... must be very difficult for her, Steve died not so long ago ... I can not defend it or tell her what she should think about the movie, not least because I am part of it. But in fact, this is not "another" film about his life. I'm really convinced that this is an exceptional insight into his life and in which we gain access to the father Steve and Steve man. Moreover, it is portrayed the true genius she was. The film is a celebration of all that, a story that pulls up. Someone like him, who tried to change the world, deserves a good movie. "

He deserves. In fact, several. Let us remember that three years ago we had Jobs, Joshua Michael Stern, the biopic with Ashton Kutcher to make Steve Jobs. And already this year in the US, the documentary was released Steve Jobs - The Man in the Machine, Alex Gibney, the ever controversial documentary - which had already signed films with theme "hot" as Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief, look investigator on Scientology, and The Armstrong Lie on the cyclist Lance Armstrong. Add to that the "novel" with this argument, initially thought to director David Fincher and starring Christian Bale. The actor who was once Batman gave for not believing be able to get the job done. In another embodiment of this production, even briefly considered up Tom Cruise.

Kate Winslet, who fought hard to stay with the paper, the decision to join this work was not instinct: "I wanted to get into this film because anyone in the world wants to be in a room with Michael Fassbender, Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. My God! These three men are incredible. "Purity confusing the actress who has not and never had a laptop. "I do not need, or sending e-mails," says laughing. "Well, I know I get pictures from my iPhone 'grants. "Before I was very happy with the Blackberry, but then my husband told me it would switch to the iPhone because only that would be compatible with the iPad." Behind her, sitting on the floor, he is its publicist not stop laughing . The effects of technology, such a star to feel them, and Kate remembers how just in the hotel corridor, no one looked at her because they were all cellphone wheel. "What Steve Jobs has achieved is remarkable, it changed the way we communicate, but there is also a downside to this. We are all addicts, we must begin to have personal rules for the use of the iPhone. There are people who lack only give a kiss goodnight these devices before preach eye .... Please. My 11 year old son does not use any of this. I fear the generation of children growing to look at adults who are always looking at the phone. Yes, my 15 year old daughter already has a mobile phone, but we, the parents, have to explain to them the pros and cons of these things and not give them access to social networks or to Safari. We have to tell them the truth. "

And Kate is there, talking to security and claw and without stalls, and noticed though is increasingly comfortable in your skin. True, it has only 40 years. But that in Hollywood can be very, pray as the latest media controversy about it. And she, who just signed a contract with Estee Lauder prohibiting the brand to make Photoshop to modify your images or reduce their wrinkles, speaks without the passage of time problems: "It is great to be getting older. We can marimbar us for certain things. I'm like I am because I had a solid family education. I taught always to have our feet on the ground. Of course I had some success in career and this allowed me to gain more confidence. Anyone who has stepped so many red carpets like me and do not feel good about it is better to give himself! Be a red carpet can be a terrifying experience! "

Words of one who already has 23-year career, which began at 17 and never the true bottom millstone (the previous films were not pitiful, just lacking the usual multitude of his choices), despite roles in films that have gone next door. As the side that does not tarnished its image of perfect actress. Who caught it in Romance and Cigarettes [2005], John Turturro and his Road to Power [2006], Steve Zaillian, realizes that she may be the least guilty of these flops. It is the advantage of appearing in films that no one sees - one is less exposed.

Kate is at bottom a showoman. It is just a normal conversation to be transfigured in Joanna Hoffman, but with the real and heavily accented Polish. This a banal interview in a nondescript hotel. Just like that, a few inches away, a representative sample exclusively of one of the greatest actresses in the world. She live show which declined to the big screen. And it has huge joke. The champion of the actresses of her generation. "The trick is to convince everyone else that we are different. It's like a game. Acting is the oldest trick. When we convince an audience that what there is not we ... magic happens. In Steve Jobs did not want to get too different from myself, just wanted to be Joanna Hoffman. "Kate has never been happier. The Homecoming few years after the divorce with director Sam Mendes, contributed to this. And a happy woman is best actress.

Intervista Daily Mail: Kate Winslet, nessuna dieta

Kate parla dei figli (la superorganizzata Mia, il dolcissimo Joe, l'entusiasta Bear), di dieta e di Steve Jobs.

Winslet's secret to healthy living? She can't resist a slice of cake and a glass of rosé 

  • Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, right-hand woman to late Steve Jobs
  • She forged a close relationship with the real Joanna while researching
  • Relationship between Jobs and his 'work wife' was purely platonic

Curvy, blonde and English to the core, Kate Winslet couldn't be further removed from the character she plays in her new film. 

Joanna Hoffman, right-hand woman to the late Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind Apple Inc whose story is told in the Oscar-tipped movie of the same name, is a tiny, raven-haired, Polish-Armenian American - but Kate was determined to land the role. 

'They didn't even send me a script - I had to throw my hat into the ring because I really wanted to be part of it,' she says. 

Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, right-hand woman to the late Steve Jobs in her new film
Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, right-hand woman to the late Steve Jobs in her new film

'I look nothing like Joanna so I decided to take a photo of myself wearing a short dark wig that my husband had kindly gone out and bought for me that day. I took a selfie and emailed it to Scott Rudin, the producer, with no subject in the subject box. It seems to have done the trick because the next day I was sent a script.'
Kate forged a close relationship with the real Joanna while researching the role. 'When we first met she hadn't even read the script, so her first words to me were, "So... how much of me is there in this movie?" I had to say, "I hate to break it to you, but you're quite strongly featured." But we worked around it and had a very good time together. She's funny, warm and unique. Steve Jobs loved her - it's impossible not to.'
The relationship between Jobs, played in the movie by Michael Fassbender, and the woman known as his 'work wife' was a close one. However, Kate is adamant the friendship between them remained purely platonic. 
'They understood each other, they were kindred spirits in many ways and she was very good friends with him and his family until he passed away [Jobs died of cancer in 2011] - but she also has very strong morals and he was married. Besides, she's married too [to technology whizz kid Alain Rossmann] and very happily so.'
Kate's pretty happily married herself these days. She met Ned Rocknroll - who was born Ned Abel Smith, but changed his name by deed poll - in 2011 when she was on holiday on the Caribbean island resort of Necker, owned by Ned's uncle Richard Branson. 
Actress Kate Winslet and her husband Ned RocknRoll out and about, New York last month
Actress Kate Winslet and her husband Ned RocknRoll out and about, New York last month
The holiday was interrupted when there was a fire at the house where Kate was staying, but sparks of a different sort were flying with Ned and they married in New York a year later. 'I have a wonderful man in my life,' she said earlier this year, 'who's so incredibly supportive. He's everything to me. I'm very happy and things are wonderful.'
That same year she and her family moved back to Britain from New York, and now live in an eight-bedroom, 17th-century, Grade II-listed house in West Sussex that backs on to the sea. 'Living out of London and near the water, with lots of fresh clean air, definitely makes a difference in terms of quality of life,' she says. 
'I try to stay healthy but I'm a great believer of everything in moderation, with no faddy foods or strange elimination diets because how boring is that? I'd rather be outside kicking a ball around with my son. Besides, I'm the sort of person who, whenever I say, "Right! I'm not going to eat sugar or drink alcohol for a month," will immediately go and have a glass of rosé and a slice of cake. 
'I do drink a lot of water but I think that's because I feel I should as I spend so much time on planes, which can dehydrate you. I think it's quite boring - but I do it. Beauty routine? Nothing much. I do try to have the odd facial - I had one yesterday, actually, but it was the first for about eight months, so I'm afraid I'm not very good when it comes to those kinds of things.'
Kate, a star since Titanic hit the big screen back in 1997, has always made it plain her children come first. She's previously revealed that when she gets stressed her 11-year-old son Joe will offer to relax her by rubbing her feet, but Joe's counsel, she tells me today, is more than skin-deep. 'I honestly think he's my moral compass. I know he's only young, but he's this very steady, gentle, wise soul, and if something's bothering me he'll say, "Mum, it's fine, calm down. None of this matters. Have a cup of tea." If I truly want advice, he'll say, "Well, let's talk it through. Tell me what the options are." And when I've explained it, he'll give me the pros and cons of both sides. He's a great leveller.'
As well as Joe, from her seven-year marriage to director Sam Mendes, there's also 15-year-old Mia, daughter from her first marriage to cameraman and director Jim Threapleton, and little Bear Blaze, almost two, son from her current marriage. 'Mia's amazing,' she says. 'She's great at forward thinking, she's very organised and aware of everything around her. Actually, she'd be my dream assistant - not that I'd ask her! - but that's how efficient she is. And Bear? Well, his father Ned is the most enthusiastic person I've ever met in my life, and Bear comes under that bubble too. I watched him run from one side of the room to the other this morning, laughing to himself, he was having a really happy time all by himself. We have the best times together. My kids are what keep me stable and happy.'
Eyebrows have been raised by the fact that, at just 40, Kate's already been married three times. She makes it plain today she's not about to discuss her previous two divorces. 'No one really knows what has happened in my life,' she said recently. 'No one knows why my first marriage didn't last; no one knows why my second didn't. And I'm proud of those silences.'
She says she tries hard to keep her family life as free from modern technology as possible. 'We don't really do computers in our house,' she says. 'I think you have to be careful with that stuff with children because they can become addicted, like we all can, and I want my kids to be kids, not computer addicts. My daughter has an iPhone, but she's only had it for a year, and my son doesn't even have one. It's a hard fight sometimes when they say, "But so-and-so has one, why can't I have one?" I just say, "If you want something to do, go and climb that tree instead."'