mercoledì 30 settembre 2015

Kate Winslet: intervista a The Wall Street Journal

Tra Steve Jobs e The Dressmaker, tra lavoro e famiglia: intervista a Kate Winslet per il WSJ.


Director’s Darling: Kate Winslet Stars in the Highly-Anticipated Film, ‘Steve Jobs’

The tenacious Oscar, Emmy and Grammy-award winner deftly balances family life with a stellar career

WINNING A CLOSETFUL of trophies—including an Oscar, three Golden Globes, an Emmy and a Grammy—would be enough, one might assume, to ensure an actress like Kate Winslet her pick of plum roles. But not always. Take her latest project, this month’sSteve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin’s examination of the Apple co-founder. “It didn’t come to me; I went to it,” Winslet says of her part as Jobs’s confidante, friend and marketing chief, Joanna Hoffman. When she first heard the film was in the works, with Danny Boyle directing andMichael Fassbender in the title role, she said to herself, “I’ve got to get in on this gig.” She arches an eyebrow before recalling her next thought: “Well, f—ing great. How the hell am I supposed to make that happen?”  

Kate Winslet: 40 cose che ho imparato in 40 anni

Bellissima intervista a Esquire, corredata da foto sexy, dove Kate Winslet smonta anche il famoso aneddoto sulle rose inviate a James Cameron firmate "La tua Rose": il bigliettino riportava un più semplice "Piacere di conoscerti, grazie dell'opportunità."

Altre foto qui: Kate Winslet Revolution FB

Kate Winslet Is Esquire's (UK) November (2015) Cover Star

There’s a way that attractive women enter men’s magazine articles. They glide in on a cloud of gossamer silks, ambrosial perfume and peachy loveliness, causing waiters to drop their drinks trays, old ladies to lower their sunglasses and birds to fall out of their trees. Their beauty is so staggering that the writer fumbles to find the “record” button on his – and let’s face it, it’s a his – Dictaphone, while the female in question gives a delighted laugh like the peal of celestial church bells. Kate Winslet doesn’t do that. Kate Winslet turns up at a café near her home on the English south coast with her husband and two of her three children, one of whom is strapped to her back. She’s wearing jeans, a fleece, walking boots, and is chatting to the owner of the café, who really wants her to come and have a look at the refurb job he’s just done in the toilets.

venerdì 18 settembre 2015

The Dressmaker: anteprima mondiale a Toronto

Visitate per vedere centinaia di foto e alcuni video di Kate Winslet a Toronto per presentare il film The Dressmaker (film ancora senza distributore italiano). Bellissima!

Steve Jobs: nuovo trailer

Nuovo, bellissimo trailer di Steve Jobs, il film di Danny Boyle in uscita il 21 gennaio 2016 nelle nostre sale e ad ottobre in quelle americane. Kate Winslet interpreta la polacca Johanna Hoffman.

domenica 13 settembre 2015

Lunga intervista video a Kate Winslet su Steve Jobs

Come ha avuto la parte, come è stato recitare in un film dai lunghissimi dialoghi (per giunta con accento polacco) e lavorare con Michael Fassbender e Danny Boyle; tutto questo e altro ancora nella lunga intervista video fatta a Kate Winslet a Telluride in occasione della presentazione del film Steve Jobs.
Nelle nostre sale dal 21 gennaio 2016.

Qui l'intervista:

Hollywood Reporter ha pubblicato invece il file audio di una lunghissima intervista a Danny Boyle, Kate Winslet e Seth Rogen. Qui l'intervista:

martedì 1 settembre 2015

Intervista a Kate Winslet su Steve Jobs, primo poster e prima foto

Una lunga intervista del New York Magazine apparsa su Vulture su Kate Winslet e il nuovo film Steve Jobs, diretto da Danny Boyle, nei nostri cinema a gennaio 2016.

E' stato rilasciato anche il primo poster del film:

E una prima foto promozionale:

Qui l'intervista completa:

Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s selective biopic, ran a painfully public gauntlet to production, riddled with false starts, jettisoned stars, and even a supporting role in the Sony-hack saga. Among its most interesting and salutary turns was Kate Winslet’s 11th-hour casting as Joanna Hoffman, the brunette Eastern European–born marketing guru who speaks truth to Jobs’s charismatic power. After lobbying producer Scott Rudin with an emailed photo of herself in a wig, Winslet disappeared into Hoffman, opposite Michael Fassbender’s Jobs, over the course of a whirlwind series of long, intricate scenes. She regaled us with the backstory and more during preparations for another chaotic production, a dinner party at home in England.

Ned Rocknroll, Winslet’s husband: Hello. Who am I talking to?

New York Magazine.

Ned: She’s just pouring herself a glass of wine. (To Winslet) Am I not allowed to tell the gentleman that you’ve had a glass of wine? You’re going to share her with a glass of wine. All right, enjoy.

Winslet: Hi. Actually, hold on. I have a little bit of an issue with the wine. (Long pause.) It tastes like cider, that’s the bad news. I don’t know why, it’s a nice enough bottle of rosé. I’ll just open another one and try again. I promise I don’t start all my interviews like this. I’ve got to get the 11-year-old babysitter now to take care of a 1-and-a-half-year-old. I’ve fed the baby and I’m about to feed the 11-year-old, and we have people coming over for supper, so I’ve checked on the chicken. I’ve taken the bread out of the oven that I was baking, and it’s all systems go, just another day at the office. I am cooking everything, which is not remotely unusual. Now I’m going upstairs by myself with the phone to conduct the best interview of my entire life, I swear it.